Our Mission

Acting Out’s mission is to create an organized body politic within the performing arts community of Chicago.  As a cohesive group, we can build upon the success of efforts such as “Not in Our House” to galvanize our passion and creativity and direct it into political power that can influence the policies of our city and state.  Together we can come together and formulate official stances on policies specific to our population of theater makers; such as women’s and LGBTQ+ rights, affordable housing, and arts funding.  We can use our platform to engage and mobilize our entire community to promote and enact positive changes in our city.

Coming together as a unified group can bring the performing community to the forefront of the political arena of Chicago and garner support for the causes we believe in from activists, political organizations, and public servants.  Also, it can give people in our community the opportunity to learn how to lobby for policies and causes they believe in effectively by partnering with other political organizations who support the same or similar causes to our own.  This gives our community better access to volunteer and activism opportunities as well as giving political activists the opportunity to meet and work with performers.

Additionally, Acting Out can serve as a hub for the creation, performance, and promotion of political theater for our community.  We can help provide a network of writers, production staff, performers, and theaters to facilitate the creation and performance of works that comment on the times we live in.  As performers we are the story tellers and interpreters of our time.  Acting Out will help preserve and promote political theater, as well as cultivate an audience for these works.

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